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You Deserve a Dream Smile

Are you the person in the photograph with lips together to avoid showing your teeth? Do you fear speaking up because you do not want anyone to look too close?

Your smile is a reflection of how you see yourself. A beautiful smile conveys confidence, health and a sense of well-being. All of us at Tavares Dental Excellence recognize your concerns and are here to help you. You have more options than ever before.

Your transformation begins with a consultation. Once we understand your Dream Smileā€š we can provide you with a plan. Today we have a wide range of products and techniques to change the color, shape and appearance of your smile. These include bonding, whitening, veneers and Invisalign (invisible braces). Many changes can be achieved within three visits.

You play an active role throughout the entire process. If your smile transformation includes veneers, we fabricate before and after models of your teeth so you can see the changes you desire before we ever touch your mouth. We work closely with the artists in the laboratory who design each veneer to our precise specifications. Your input is crucial and welcomed to provide you with the absolute best we can offer.

We are honored to be a part of this life changing event for you. It makes our day! 

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